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sarah kanouse

527 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Matt Benson , sarah kanouse 527 days ago
Matt B
  • Around-the-room introductions
  • Context:
  • MIT Center for Civic Media
  • Partnership with Catherine D'Ignazio about Data Literacy
  • Lots of existing tools for "visualization" that process data in ways that are not learner-centric
sarah k
  • Need to maintain an empowerment frame throughout the process - learning situations
Matt B
  • Give ownership of data to communities that data is being collected from
  • Data is just "special ways of counting" == Storytelling
sarah k
  • Both quanitative and qualitative data are equally important in storytelling
Matt B
  • Databasic rooted in pedagogical approach, not technological
  • HIp-hop workshops analyzing lyrics of rap/hip-hop songs by various metrics.
  • After doing Databasic exercises, different community groups have created murals as a result of their data-driven analysis. 
  • Short activity guides for arts-based data activities live at datatherapy.org
  • Model:
  • Asking Questions
sarah k
  • Need to determine precise goals and audiences
Matt B
  • Gathering Data
  • Finding a Story
sarah k
  • Process stresses Importance of sketching in order to find a narrative arc in a story
Matt B
  • Telling your story
sarah k
  • Example of data-driven community mural - form of mural is the result of storytelling through data
  • Sample arts activities using data: datatherapy.org
  • Cannot determine the form of the story without first determining audience and goals
Matt B
  • Trying it out
  • The Tool:
sarah k
  • Word Counter
Matt B
  • Word Cloud
  • Top Words, Bigrams, Trigrams >> Latter two provide context for top words. 
sarah k
  • Tools to ask questions with data
  • SameDiff
  • Compare two different text sources; builds on WordCounter
Matt B
  • Includes intro videos, and activities to onboard new users
  • All activities can be done off-line first. 
  • Group Activity
  • Aretha Franklin V. Lady Gaga >> Different experiences of womanhood: "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah" v. "Oh, Oh, Oh"
  • The Beatles >> Individualistic v. communitarian cultures: "What I want" v. "What we want"
  • Taylor Swift >> "I" as the center of the universe, the "You" is present but passive. 
  • The Beatles v. Prince >> Overlap in wanting love, but Beatles "want" love, but Prince "gets" love.
  • Prince loves us.
  • Even in fifteen minutes, major serious qualitative analysis is being done without really thinking about it.
  • "Visualization" usually passes the sketching phase and goes straight to technology. "If your story can't be sketched out on paper, it's a shit story." 
  • Questions?
  • Approaching how to communicate public health information to the masses.
  • What does that look like? Public policy? Public engagement on the ground? Getting concrete about goals.
  • Murals have political history, tapping into that existing history is power.
  • Getting beyond "let's map it" 
  • The timidity of scientists in presenting data/research
  • "Data is bullshit"--Data requires context, can't "speak for itself"
  • Understanding the cultural context, recognize and own cultural artifacts of process
  • Open data releases "are the start of a process, not the end."
  • Big Data is useless if citizens lack the capacity to analyze/use it meaningfully.
  • Interdisciplinary interaction

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