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Jordan Pailthorpe

526 days ago
Reflections and Share-backs (4:4:15)
Facilitator: Catherine D'Ignazio
Jordan P Shareback and Reflections 
Everyone writes their ideas and feedback on post-it notes 
Miranda B Track faciliatators: Cindy Vincent, Cathy Wissink, Steve Walter, sarah kanouse
Jordan P Media Literacy Track 
becky@elab.emerson.edu First Panel: Media Literacy Lightning Talks
Jordan P Themes emerged around privacy and youth engagement; Thinking about media as a resource to engage youth to get their voices out; Using media to partner with community partners and foster a stronger sense of community. 
Second panel 
Emerging Citizens: How media production is a key device in teaching media literacy and education. Learned about memes, hashtags, and hyperlinks within the civic context in a fun and engaging way. 
Third panel
Data Portal Workshop: participants learned about data mapping and visualization techniques using the Boston Data Portal, GIS technologies, etc. to visualize your community. 
First panel: inclusive design: city, state, private sector. what inclusion means (language, physical ability, class). 
Second panel: workshop on accessibliity and using tools and the chalenges of technology. (ex: dyslexia, cognitive disorders and concentration/distraction problems with websites, color blindness). 
Third panel: service learning centers. how to be thoughtful engaged citizens and leverage recources. 
Three take aways:
  • 1. cultural ethos: "With vs For." Design with a community not for a community. That way the needs are primary. Have people there to represent the needs
  • 2. Channel your inner 
  • anthropologist
  • 3. Codesign 
Steve Walter
Jordan P Systems and advocacy track
works for (Office of New Urban Mechanics)
blurred binary between adovctae for change and works in the system 
adversary vs. within the system: flipping the idea of enemies"
Generation Citizen: bring civics to the classroom
A real focus on the systemic issues, middle school students working to create lasting change. doing applied civic work in a classroom setting. NOT a extracurricular activity, but in the classroom. 
Sensors: actual impact of sensors and contextualization. In newsrooms, etc.
Thinking holistically about who is being served. 
Jordan P Design for the margins 
projects focused on how to speak from a position and not just on behalf of? 
Who is and who is not at the table. The importance of recognizing that when you build a more inclusive group. There will always be exclusions
  1. where our data is coming from?
  1. Who is not present? 
Civic art is the creation of learning situations, not expertise to be enacted or expected. How do we empower the artist and the community
Speakers: Ceasar McDowell, Catherine D'Ignazio, Ethan Zuckerman, Erhardt Graeff, and Sarah Williams
Civic Media: Technology, Design, and Practice (the book) book launch without books? oh no... 
Its okay. You will be able to buy them! 
plz bring back Eric Gordon's book copies. 
Pleasure of a anthology is asking people you admire to contribute. They not only said yes, but they are also in the room!  The book is broadly conceived - inclusive but impossible to say that you are inclusive. Rather, trying to gather thinkers and practitioners to represent a range of activities and practices and open a conversation. 
Jordan P 19 long form essays: 8,000 word academic essay
25 case studies: 1,000 word short, in and out, example. 
Its important to find the examples when you need them, and these shorter case studies provide that service(.
Miranda B Civic Media: Technology, Design, and Practice
Jordan P The concept of common good is deeply subjective
the mechanics of acting in the world with the tools and actions available
imagine themselves of being connected, not therough achieving, but striving for common good. 
Miranda B
  • " the technologies, designs, and practices that produce and reproduce the sense of being in the world with others toward common good. While the concept of “common good” is deeply subjective, we use the term to invoke the good of the commons, or actions taken that benefit a public outside of the actor’s intimate sphere.  To this end, the civic in civic media is not merely about outcomes, but about process and potential. It is about the mechanics of acting in the world with the tools and conditions available. Civic media, then, are any mediated practice that enables a community to imagine themselves as being connected, not through achieving, but through striving for common good" (Gordon and Mihailidis 2016).
Jordan P Ethan Zuckerman speaks about all of the amazing, diverse projects, ideas seen today, but more insterested in the percentage of people that are not sold on the concepts, are highly alienated. Can these people be effective while they are pissed off? 
Miranda B Dumso (on/off) electricity going on and off. ghanaians are good at protest and social media. their symbol is flashlights and lamps. #dumsormuststop March of 5,000 people to protest power situation. What are 
When he asked friend in Ghana about his activiism, he says, I'm not political. You hear that a lot lately. said by people who are "not political.' How anti-politics and anti-insitution we have been as a whole. Losing trust in the system. (rise of Sanders who has been a politician for decades is somehow seen as anti-Washington)
Jordan P "Do you trust instituions to trust the right?" consensus is no...most people do not. Voting anf protest depends on trusting those institutions. He suggests that losing faith in institutions breaks the whole system down. 
What do we do when we lose faith in these institutions? There are other ways to make change through innnovation. For example, cheapen the cost of soloar panels, create better code to help keeop your information private. (law, markets, norms, code). Not all work is instrumental. Sometimes all we're trying to do is raise our voices so that other people can join us. 
Sean D How do we make change around these tools? 
Miranda B Download and install Signal! https://whispersystems.org  The best thing you cacn do for your privacy. (Edward Snowden uses it)
Jordan P Ceasar McDowell 
Public is demographically more complex than it has ever been. How do we start to design new civic institutions to build a more inclusive society? 
Five things ideas/ways/ sugesstions to create better civic inclusion 
  1. Successful efforts are both digital AND analog. The real challenge is to understand how analog and digital efforts can communicate with each other. 
Miranda B
  1. How do we do our work across "our tribes". We can work with people that are near us, but how do we work across the differences?
Jordan P
  1. Thinking from a full frame perspective: Instead of thinking of people as representing one issue, we need to understand that people live complex lives. 
  1. paying attention to the hyperlocal. Companies are good at large scale, but less effective at the local level. Talking to local community organizations reveals that they are successful because of face to face interactions. How can these larger companies do better at the hyperlocal level? 
Miranda B
  1. (he never did 5...) oh well...sadness ensues 

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